Riaz Lalla, Founder & CEO

Humanitarian. Humane. Human.

 “He wears many guises – social entrepreneur, photographer, innovator, writer, artist, poet, disruptor, agitator of paradigms, micro-revolutionary, peace-maker, mentor, tinkerer in the modern renaissance. Confidently awkward, a quick read of people, he gets by on his impossibly positive disposition and gentlemanly manner, a connoisseur of the absurd and known for his oft misunderstood quirky sense of humour. I rate him a solid 9/10 – there’s always room for improvement.” My Uber Driver, 2016.  

A seasoned management consultant, digital strategist and professional photographer. My expertise lies in coaching, project and program management, bpr, change management, product and process design, entrepreneurial and start-up advisory.

As a principal at RedCap Ethos and a representative consultant at Andersen, Deloitte, Ajillon, The Birchman Group and Braestone, I’ve led several high-profile, high-impact projects for a number of global tier-1 companies.


My time as an analyst, change manager, project/program manager, director and startup entrepreneur spans various industries, cultures and locales. The common theme throughout – my unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects, navigate complex challenges and bring my personal touch. This has manifested itself in real-life experiences, where:

    • I’ve led concept and development in software, design, marketing/branding and the pursuit of various creative arts
    • I’m a multi-linguist of technology and creative arts-driven businesses. I speak fluent geek, agile, lean, visual design, analogue, digital and difficult client.
    • I’ve established, managed, operated key projects, start-up initiatives, humanitarian, charitable and social justice organisations.
    • I’ve quite literally rolled up my sleeves and gotten my hands dirty whilst volunteering in some of the most remote regions of the world.
    • I don’t care who gets credit, just as long as we make it happen (ethically).
    • I have BIG ideas. Lots of people have Big ideas. Execution is what matters, and I do execution.
    • If my left brain and right brain were hands, I’d be ambidextrous.
    • I’m the calm one.
    • I run towards fires.

I enjoy making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk technology, business, photography or basketball.

Specialties: Ideation, concept and creative direction, communications, training, web and app development, product design, social media, social justice and humanitarian initiatives

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