I looooove photography.

A love affair born when I was gifted my very own Kodak Instamatic at 8. The idea of capturing “the decisive moment” made me giddy and thrilled me to no end. Still does.

Kodak Pocket Instamatic camera and film.

The Mighty Koday Instamatic.

Many rolls of film later, hours in the dark room, multitudes of commercial, fashion, architecture, real estate, studio, portraiture and events shoots, I’m still excited at the prospect of capturing those intimate moments.

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Recently I’ve been drawn to capturing and visually documenting critical social, humanitarian and political issues. I’ve worked alongside aide/charity agencies, with the homeless, orphans of Nepal, documented cultural events bringing to light everyday physical and spiritual journeys across the globe. Several projects are in the making…

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Recent portrait shoots…

Waleed Aly

 Waleed Aly-11 Waleed Aly-54

Luca Lesson

130704-LucaL-11 130704-LucaL-36

Nepal exibition…

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    553866_10152134014024416_382205652_n 1463971_10152134013459416_1986922972_n    


Landscapes… 1470314_10152134013859416_1624997679_n







  Motogp Race-61 Motogp Race-142

  Motogp Race-173 Motogp Race-179

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