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Are you a tier-1 organisation? This is how I can help you excel… 

With years of management consulting and delivery experience, representing a spectrum of leading global consulting firms (namely Andersen, Deloitte, Ajillon, The Birchman Group and Braestone), I can drive successful outcomes in your organisation in the following ways:

  • Motivate and coach executives and leadership teams
  • Etch out a marketing-leading digital strategies
  • Roadmap a portfolio of compelling programs and projects
  • Shift corporate paradigms and instigate cultural change
  • Negotiate competitive inter-company relationships and commercial arrangements

Are you a mid-tier technology or design company? This is how I can help you propel… 

  • Thought leadership to unlock innovative business practices and technology solutions
  • Coax out progressive customer focused lean-agile processes and mindset
  • Layer data and analytics for expedient and continuous delivery and improvement
  • Architectural remedies and adoption of new tech
  • Intra-company alignment and alliances for global impact

Are you an SME/coffee shop/corner store with grand designs? This is how I can help you mature…

  • Uncover your kinetic potential – aka. opportunities
  • Define your purpose, vision and value proposition – aka. brand
  • Establish and grow your market identity and competitive edge – aka. identity
  • Technology and digital adoption – think web, devices, social media, SOE, VR/AR, IoT, AI, drones, clones
  • Build your community – customers, clients, employers suppliers, advocates and friends

Are you a NGO/NFP/social justice/humanitarian aide/human rights advocacy organisation? This is how I can help you ascend…

  • Narrate and articulate your cause and reason for being
  • Photograph and visually journal your story
  • Build the case for government and private support assistance – financial and capital assistance
  • Fine-tune operating models, processes and policies
  • Motivate, energise and actuate your organisations, it’s partners, patrons, benefactors, sponsors, teams and individuals

Are you a startup, entrepreneur or someone who just came up with a great idea that’s about to change the world? This is how I can help you flourish…

  • Deconstruct the proposition into achievable constituents
  • Build a minimal viable product
  • Market analysis and validation
  • The pitch
  • Financial modelling, VC funding and commoditising the final product

If you are in need of specialist services, I have deep knowledge and extensive experience in…

  • Strategic ventures
  • Global transformation initiatives
  • Innovation/R&D establishment and consulting
  • Global regulatory compliance
  • Contingency planning & risk management
  • Technology and infrastructure implementations:
    • Micro/nanoservices
    • Big Data and Analytics
    • AWS/GCP, cloud computing and architecture
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems,
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Executive information systems (EIS)
    • Health safety and environment (HSE) systems
    • Environmental & greenhouse data management (EDMS)
    • Geographical information systems (GIS)
    • Risk management systems (RMS)
  • Digital delivery:
    • Mobility and apps
    • UX/VD
    • Design thinking
    • AI
    • VR/AR
    • Hypothesis-driven strategy
  • Industry expertise also includes:
    • New Tech, including AI, VR, AR
    • Telecommunications
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining & Resources
    • Construction & Engineering
    • Energy & Utilities
    • Financial Services
    • Public Service & Government.


“I bring a measured approach, a fresh perspective and best-practice insight to each of my engagements. As a recognised, results–driven thought leader, I have successfully worked at all levels of business, with a broad range of stakeholders to uncover, analyse, creatively resolve and improve a multitude of business challenges.”


If you have any queries as to how my team and I can best assist you or your organisation, please contact

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